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Anderson Essentials, Inc.


Microsoft Navision®
Business Management Your Way. Microsoft Navision Software.

Navision® has been a world-leading provider of accounting software and services since 1985. Microsoft Navision software delivers a fully integrated enterprise solution for diverse industries. Microsoft Navision software is a flexible, expandable, potent system that can grow and expand along with your company. It is a top-rated system with strong customizability, flexible report writing functionality, award-winning drill-down general ledger features, and comprehensive business integration capabilities. It is also ODBC-compliant, so information and data flow can be integrated with any compatible system.

Microsoft Navision has over 133,000 installations in over 50 countries worldwide. Microsoft Navision has been given top awards by K2 Enterprises, Accounting Research Inc., and Accounting Software News, and has earned 5 stars (out of 5 possible stars) by CPA Software News.

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision® adapts and evolves to match the way in which your business operates. It helps you discover financial opportunities, and motivates users to do more and to learn more. Financial information is always up-to-date, so you can easily view the specific information you need to make informed decisions. Much more than just an accounting tool, Microsoft Navision makes it easier to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities, so you can capitalize on your knowledge and unearth new opportunities. Microsoft Navision also helps you manage a broad range of other business areas according to your particular needs. You can add functionality as you need it, and grow at your own pace.

Microsoft Navision can be used in every department in your company, not just accounting. The project manager or job foreman needs to allocate resources and track costs against budgets. The purchasing agent needs to balance supplies with the demands of your company, while getting it fast and cheap. The account manager needs to respond to customer requests and expedite fulfillment. The marketing department needs to track prospects and create campaigns. More than a business management solution, Microsoft Navision is built on extraordinary technology. Use the built-in design tools to make changes in Microsoft Navision as rapidly as you change the way you do business.

Companies choose Navision based on independent reviews of Navision as well as recommendations from current users. Navision has very high ratings from numerous independent reviewers and industry publications.

Extensive training and testing is required by Microsoft Navision of its Partner Network. Navision requires Solutions Centers to attend Microsoft Navision Training Academy and pass rigorous tests. Most other accounting systems have few or non-existent standards for solutions providers.

Anderson Essentials, Inc.
Our company, Anderson Essentials, Inc., has installed integrated enterprise software systems for a variety of businesses over the past 7 years.

As a Microsoft Navision Business Solutions partner, Anderson Essentials shares its commitment to building lasting customer relationships. We provide personalized service—from planning and implementation to ongoing support and education—to ensure that your company receives the precise solutions that meet your needs.